All Image speakers are available in a selection of real veneer finishes, but we also offer a custom finish in a Resene paint colour of your choice. Whether you select a stand-out colour or one that matches your walls or furniture, we can achieve the look you want. Generally we use American oak veneer then lacquer on the desired colour. Oak has a gentle grain that adds a hint of texture and class to the cabinets. 

For those who still want a ‘wood look’ we can get fairly close to matching the colour of an existing piece of furniture by using various veneers and stains with a clear lacquer. 
Sometimes a particular Image model might not be quite the right height for your listening room. We can help here too, by increasing or decreasing cabinet heights. By altering the cabinet depth accordingly there is no change in the critical internal cabinet volume. HF drivers should remain close to ear height for optimum performance. 

Image can also custom design speaker systems for use in-wall, on-wall or any other applications you might have. 

Please contact Chris to discuss all these options.