A number of years ago we compared many speaker cables in AB tests to find the most neutral sounding conductor to internally wire Image speakers. There was one clear leader. SUPRA from Sweden. Supra cable is true High-End, and this manufacturer has been producing high quality cables for most audio applications since 1976. 
Supra is used in all Image models for loudspeaker internal wiring and because of the proven performance we strongly recommend Supra Rhondo 4×2.5  bi-wire cable be used from your amplifier to all Image speakers. This is available from Image in terminated lengths with high quality banana plugs on all conductors to suit your needs. Simply plug these (per channel) in to your two amplifier speaker outputs and the four Image speaker inputs.

Order Inquiry 
Terminated pairs:
2 m pr $200.00
3 m pr $270.00
4 m pr $340.00
5 m pr $410.00
6 m pr $480.00
Add $70.00 for each additional
meter pr over 6m.
 Couriered to anywhere in New Zealand for $15.00