My love of music and the reproduction of music instilled a passion to make loudspeakers that convey the kind of emotion found in live performances.
In 1968 I established Monitor Acoustics Ltd (MA) here in New Zealand, and in a short time my company built a reputation for designing and constructing a wide variety of high quality speaker systems and gained a loyal following from music and audio enthusiasts.

With such a consistently high standard of workmanship, MA was also chosen to manufacture cabinets for the NZ importers of LINN, Mission, Energy, Meridian, Celestion, Magnat, and many more. In 1990 the badge name was changed to IMAGE. The company name was changed to Image Loudspeakers Ltd and Image became a Registered Trade Name in New Zealand.

My company established a broad dealer network within New Zealand, introduced the Image range and began competing more than favourably with strong competition and marketing from imported brands by maintaining the focus of high quality sound and a hand crafted finish. It was the added bonus of affordability that made Image stand out though and this has continued to be the trump card for the company, offering ‘affordable quality’.

After forty seven years, the build quality and structural integrity of every hand- made cabinet remains unchanged. The use of real wood veneers combined with some of the best drivers makes each pair of Image speakers unique and distinctive. For Image this is a proven practice that will never change. But for me there is a change.

I have gathered a wealth of experience in four plus decades and I want this to be part of your Image purchase. Whether it be the optimum speaker model and finish for your home or some room placement help, there’s no one who knows Image as I do.
And for those who are looking for matching amplifiers I offer Musical Fidelity to partner Image at special package prices. To see my specials please click on the Chris Recommends button in the individual speaker pages.

I invite you to call me personally on 0274 936049 (business hours please) or email me via the Contact page.

Chris Ball